Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A Sweet Script to Dump Keys from Wlan Profiles - Post Exploitation (or Regular Use)

Update: Just found that PaulDotCom has written over this blog post in episode 327:

"This is a great example of so many things. First, its a really neat little script (though I imagine the powershell junkies will be excited to convert it). It highlights the importance of post-exploitation. But that is really just a term for us gear heads. What this means for the organization is terrible. It means you can exploit systems that really don't seem to matter, maybe Jane's computer was compromised and didn't have any sensitive data on it and her account does not. However, Jane connects to the same "secure" wireless network as more important people, say Bob from finance. Now, a small little hole, like a missing Adobe patch, just caughed up the keys to your kingdom. It means that vulnerabilities and risk have this weird relationship and its one of the toughest things to understand, until you have a pen test."

After exploitation, retrieving data from the compromised machine is always an interesting scenario. Considering the time factor, even a small automation is productive. Running a same command several times is  not bad but its better to take a next step.

The below presented script helps to dump security keys for all the wlan profiles present on the compromised system (if you have an administrator access). I use this sweet script to do the work so use it when ever you want.

Wlan Profiles - Security Keys Dumping Script

It outputs as:

Fetch the batch script from here:

Enjoy !


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