Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Papers Published - HITB EZine and Hakin9

We have just published new papers in Hack in the Box EZine and Hakin9. The magazines are free and can be fetched from below mentioned links:

1. Open Redirect Wreck Off - HITB EZine

The paper talks about the real time scenarios analyzed while conducting security assessments of different websites. It has been detected that these websites are prone to invalidated redirects and forward issues. Recently, with the release of OWASP 2010 RC1 release, A8 has been marked against the redirection based flaws in websites. The
attacker can control the user’s trust behavior to visit the website which is malicious and controlled by the untrusted party

2. Pwning Embedded ADSL Routers - Inside LAN | Hakin9
The paper is restricted to not only testing but also discusses the kinds of software
and firmware used and incessant vulnerabilities that should be scrutinized while
setting up a local network. A detailed discussion will be undertaken about the HTTP servers used for handling authentication procedure and access to firmware image providing functionalities to design and configure your own home local area network.